Kyle Miller Creative, a Branding & Design Agency based in Austin, TX.  We believe in creating instantly recognizable brands that embrace the new but hold fast to what is good.


Yellow Hill
Organic Garden Salsa

Branding / Packaging 

Using the raw, organic aesthetic that Yellow Hill represents I was able to create a modern identity for their organic salsa. Highlighting the ingredients and integrating mixed material to the packaging will be sure to make a statement on the shelves.


Recent Work

Dyer & Jenkins
Branding / Print




Michael Waxman
CEO/Founder of Grouper 

Kyle is an unbelievably talented designer and a true pleasure to work with. You can’t teach taste and his is simply great. A branding whiz, a typography expert, a skilled illustrator, and a budding web designer he can do it all. He was also on time, on budget, and very professional. Work with him while you still can, because Kyle is going to do big things.

Danya Cheskis-Gold
Founder of Pop-Up Shabbat 

Kyle was super responsive from the moment I reached out to him and he made a point of meeting up in person with me when he was in NYC for a few days. He’s a great listener and really tried to understand my motivations for launching this project, as well as my design preferences. That said, he had a clear vision of his own and led me confidently through the whole process. Kyle told me that he liked working with me because I’m so excited about what I’m doing...and I would say the exact same about him.